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Are you always a bit worried when hiring tradies? Not sure if they are in time or if they show up at all? And sometimes they are not clear about a price or you are afraid they are going to add unexpected costs to you bill.

The Five Star Gutter Team do it differently.

Our promise to you:

  • Free quote – FIXED fee. You will never be surprised about unexpected additional costs.
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Which services do we offer?

Both residential and commercial

Gutter cleaning

Cleaning your gutters is an essential part of property management. It is especially important if you have several trees within your property or in the nearby ones. Wind tends to blow leaves from trees in the neighbourhood and if you are unlucky, these leaves find their way to your gutters. Birds may also choose to build nests in the gutters. You will not only be left with clogged gutters, but you will also have to live with the chirping of birds at all hours of the day or night. We will ensure all your gutters are cleaned out, including the downspout resulting in the proper flow of rainwater.

Gutter installation

Choosing the right gutters can sometimes be overwhelming. You will probably spend time wondering if the size is right or if you should install seamless gutters or not. Using an expert to help you make the decision will save you time and money as you will pick gutters that are best suited for your property. We will also ensure the gutters are pitched correctly. You will not have to worry about water pooling in the gutters or overflows due to poor installation. At Five Star Gutter Team, you will be dealing with professionals who are tried and tested in the installation of gutters.

Gutter repair

When your gutter starts leaking, sagging or pulling off the roof, you need to call the experts to find out what is causing it while at the same time carry out repairs. At Five Star Gutter Team, we will not only carry out repairs of the gutters, but we will also evaluate what damage has been caused to the house. Faulty gutters, if not attended to immediately, may result in the rotting of the fascia board. Eventually, the damage may be so extensive your roof may become affected. Once you call on us, we will attend to the gutters immediately to save your house from further damage.

Gutter replacement

Sometimes exposure, the material used and the care given to gutters influence the need to get the gutters replaced. If you are not certain if you need to replace or repair your gutter, an expert who understands gutters will be of help. However, if you find that you keep making repairs on your gutters, maybe it is time to replace them and give your finances a break. Gutter replacement will save you money in the long run as well as ensure you live comfortably knowing the gutters are strong enough to handle water flow, irrespective of the intensity of the downpour. We will ensure you have the right gutters to handle any changes in climate.

Gutter guards & Gutter protection

There are several gutter guards in the market today. Some may not be suited for your gutters because of the type of leaves that fall from the trees within your property and those in your surroundings. Gutter guards come in different designs and costs. They also have advantages and disadvantages. At Five Star Gutter Team, we will not only give you guidance on the right gutter protectors for your home, but we will also take care of the gutter protector installation. With our help, clogging gutters will be a thing of the past. Your gutters will be protected and so will your property.

Melbourne is the second most populous city in Australia after Sydney. In 2017, it had a population 4.82million, which accounts for at least 19.05% of the population in Australia. Compared to Sydney, the cost of living in Melbourne is lower. Melbourne has a lot of employment opportunities. The median price of houses and units in this city is $903,859 and $506,079 respectively. The cost of housing varies depending on the suburb and distance from CBD.

Melbourne has for the past seven years been ranked first as the most liveable city in the world according to the Economist Intelligent Unit’s Global Liveability Index. This year it was ranked second, after Vienna, with a score of 98.4. The things considered are the crime rate, military, terror and civil unrest. Melbourne’s CBD is found on the northern bank of the Yarra River. This river divides this city, with the north and west regions being occupied by mainly the working class while the south and the east have more affluent suburbs.

Melbourne is a popular tourist destination. The city itself has a lot to offer including a steam train ride, popularly known as Puffy Billy, which departs from the city centre. The steam train is a cause of excitement as transportation has become more modern today and it is a great adventure seeing where train service started from before electrified trains came to be. This ride includes views of the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Dandenong Ranges National Park, Melbourne’s sky line, rolling hills and Silvan Dam.  Other popular attractions are penguins, wineries, fishing expeditions, boating, wind surfing and cycling trails. Melbourne has a strong coffee culture, so for coffee lovers and those who enjoy dining out, they would not be disappointed with what Melbourne has to offer.