Gutter cleaning is essential if you are to protect your property against the weather or any water hitting your roof. You have to keep your gutters clean or you are likely to have water getting in your ceiling. Keeping your gutters clean mean that water can freely flow away when and your downpipes don’t get bogged.

Why hire Five Star Gutter Team for your cleaning?

  • We only deliver the best work possible to your home and gutters. We don’t take shortcuts but look at the details and treat it as our own home.
  • We want to win gold in making you happy.
  • We reply to e-mails within business days and you can reach us by phone 5 days a week.
  • We always show up when we promise to do so.
  • We are on the time
  • We are transparent and do what we have agreed upon.

About gutter cleaning

The roof of your home will certainly be affected after long-term exposure to water, but the most worrying damage would be that on the foundation. When water continuously finds its way to the foundation of your property, part of it will be washed away and what is left behind will weaken and start developing cracks. Your property sitting on a weak foundation is not something you should gamble on. Having clogged gutters is as good as not having gutters. Going up your roof to clean the gutters is no easy feat. It is not only involving, but risky as well, especially if you need to go really high. Fortunately, at Five Star Gutter Team we have the expertise to handle gutters installed on different types of properties. We will not only clean your gutters but while at it, we will find out if they are working efficiently or if there are damages which need to be repaired. Cleaning your gutters as required will allow the gutters to serve you for a long time.