To keep gutters free of things that could easily cause them to clog, including leaves, twigs, nests and rodents, it is best to use gutter protection.

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About gutter guards & protection

Gutter protection comes in different styles and sizes. It is important for you to find out the type and size of items that usually fall in your gutters so that you can the right gutter protection. It is vital for you to know that what someone else is using may not be what is best for your gutters as they gutter guards are very specific. Some have very small openings that will only allow water to pass through while others have holes which may keep big leaves away but allow needle-shaped leaves, seeds and pods through. At Five Star Gutter Team we will evaluate your environment as the trees in your neighbourhood and the position of your property play an important role in the decision on the type of gutter guard to use. The gutter guards also have different demands when it comes to maintenance. With our expertise, you will be able to get a guard that suits your situation. We will also ensure your gutters are clean and free of clogging before the gutter protection is installed.